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Charles B. Mills Jr., PH.D Executive Director
PO Box 166, Eatontown, NJ 07724


is a service provider organization dealing with all aspects of life.

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The Human Life Affairs Foundation is a non-profit organization.  It has been active since 1986.  It operates as a human, social, and public service provider of information, goods and services.

The purpose of the Foundation is to make available to individuals and businesses a network that is not always accessible through your ordinary chain of communication or available services.


Juvenile Delinquency, Community Affairs, Family Relations, Needy and Elderly, Education, Religion, Human/Civil Rights and much more...

The Foundation is a provider of information, goods and services.  These services are offered through networks to distribute the information, goods and services.  This is done through: mailings, newspapers, radio, television, internet, referrals, special events, forums, workshops, and much more.


The goal is to increase the awareness of all types of services.  If you look around, overall a vast number of people in need of services do not know where to turn.  The average citizen often experiences great difficulty in gaining access to needed services.  Bureaucratic complexities, restricted admissions, extended waiting lists, and discriminatory practices often pose overwhelming barriers to those in need of services, particularly the poor, the ill and the elderly.  The volume of services have become complex and fragmented and available resources are often unknown and difficult to reach.  For those who are unable to overcome these service barriers, the consequences may be disappointment, frustration and desperation.

Many inquiries tend to be shunted from one agency to another, often documents as "closed cases."  Some never succeed in receiving helpful information due to any number of impediments, including language barriers, inconvenient hours of service and service locations.  Not knowing where to turn, whom to contact, and how to proceed, many people remain outcast with no opportunity to link up with available resources.

Since 1986, the Foundation each year buys and gives away turkeys and food at Thanksgiving time to those in need.

At Christmas time, the Foundation buys and gives away presents and sends out Christmas cards.

In the winter time, the Foundation buys and gives away hats, coats and gloves to those in need. 

Throughout the school year, the Foundation provides educational information to youths, community groups, parents, schools, church groups, etc.

The Foundation provides spiritual information to all groups of humanity around the world.

In March of 2013, the Foundation started a program called, "The Life/Social Skills and Moral/Spiritual Values Training."  This training is to help people become more productive, effective, motivated and successful in life.

The Foundation is involved in many projects throughout the year.  The Foundation promotes organizations, businesses and many other groups.

If you would like to help the Foundation as far as donations are concerned in distribution of information, goods and services to anyone who might need it... Make out a check or money order payable to: The Human Life Affairs Foundation and mail to:  The Human Life Affairs Foundation, PO Box 166,
Eatontown, NJ 07724.

Thank You and May God Bless You,

Charles B. Mills Jr., PH.D.

Founder, Executive Director
And also a Human, Social, and Public Service Professional.
Teacher of Life and Social Skills, as well as Moral and Spiritual Values.